Envelopes for Think.Make.Share.

I loved having the chance to decorate a few envelopes for Think.Make.Share. this holiday season! Head on over to the blog to find some great tips for making your Christmas card list this year and join to in on their Christmas Card Challenge. I’m working on my cards for this year, fingers crossed I can get them in the mail in time!

Letters Are Lovely | Envelopes for Think.Make.Share.

Daughter Christmas Card

Happy December, friends! I can't believe the holidays have officially arrived, this is one of my favorite times of year (despite the weather). Today I’m sharing a Christmas card I created lettering for that is in stores now! I’ve been holding off — Christmas cards start arriving so early it’s sometimes hard to wait. In the next few weeks I will continue to share Christmas product that is available this year while at work I’m already creating new lettering for next season. Enjoy!

Letters Are Lovely | Daughter Christmas Card

November Around The Web

Hi, friends! I took last week off from the blog to enjoy Thanksgiving with my family. I love all the traditions during this season, and we were especially lucky that Dale had the day off on Thursday so he could join in all our festivities too! This month I hosted a baby shower for one of my best friends from college, celebrated Friendsgiving twice, and started decorating out house for Christmas for the first time. At work I’ve been busy working on Christmas product for next year, so my holiday spirit is in full swing! This was a also a big shopping month for me as I started buying presents, and a few things for myself as well. This Blue Clay face mask from Herbivore has by far been my favorite beauty find the month:

Letters Are Lovely | November Around The Web
  • Next year I would love to make a wreath or swag for my door during November. I love this swag for inspiration!

  • Grace’s Cat Lady Gift Guide has been one of my favorites so far

  • We have family in Chicago so I am bookmarking this guide for our next visit!

  • The perfect potato soup for a snowy day in, my favorite recipe we tried this month

  • My New Year’s plans may need to include a champagne tower this year…

  • Beautiful Fall color inspiration

  • I never would have paired disco balls and died palm leaves, but it’s a new favorite

  • Cocktail tray inspiration perfect for December parties

  • Last, but definitely not least, we have started a few updates on our kitchen! I just ordered this sink and faucet, so a full recap after we finish is coming (hopefully) soon!

Books on My (Digital) Shelf

I recently downloaded the app Libby and have been checking out books for my Kindle from our local library! I love to read and really enjoyed requesting lots of books on my wish list that will arrive as they become available. Here are a few I’m excited to read:

Letters Are Lovely | Books On My (Digital) Shelf