Dogwood in Bloom!

Loving all the spring blooms, especially our beautiful dogwood out front! I hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend, the weather couldn't have been better here in KC. Last year we moved into our house over Easter so I’ve been feeling especially sentimental and grateful. One whole year of home-ownership!

Letters Are Lovely | Dogwood in Bloom!
Letters Are Lovely  | Dogwood in Bloom
Letters Are Lovely | Dogwood in Bloom
Letters Are Lovely | Dogwood in Bloom

February Around The Web

This snowy month was full of memories including a trip to Lawrence to recruit for Hallmark Creative interns, lots of Mother’s Day work, a Valentine’s dinner at Avenues, several amazing brunches with friends, a lovely birthday dinner with family at Lidia’s, and after making this list I have realized basically lots of wonderful meals shared with family and friends! I always look forward to February because Valentine’s Day is right before my birthday and it’s definitely a bright spot in my midwest winters. I made lots of discoveries around the web, too! Did you know you can download free high-res prints from Audubon? I think these would be lovely framed! I also learned the State Bird of Missouri is the blue-bird which would definitely match our decor!