#My5Days Screen Printing

A few weeks ago I spent a Friday screen printing for the first of my 2019 #My5Days! Every year I look forward to having the time to either try something new or spend a day exploring. I decided to letter our neighborhood’s name for t-shrits and prints for this first day away! I’m really happy with how they turned out and I love having a better understanding of screen printing for future projects. Thanks to Press Monkey Studio for leading this workshop, if you need any custom printing done Brian is your guy!

Letters Are Lovely | #My5Days Screen Printing

Mother's Day Cards for Hallmark: Part Two

Here are a few more Mother’s Day cards I worked on this year! Process really makes both these looks shine, the first card has multiple foils, screen print, and flitter while the other two really sparkle with flitter dots and gold foil. I am really looking forward to a Mother’s Day picnic with my mom this weekend, I hope you have plans to celebrate with your families, too!

Letters Are Lovely | Mother's Day Cards for Hallmark
Letters Are Lovely | Mother's Day Cards for Hallmark
Letters Are Lovely | Mother's Day Cards for Hallmark

April Around The Web

Hello, friends! Currently Dale and I are enjoying a week in California but I couldn’t let that stop me from sharing a few of my favorite finds this month. This month began with a bachelorette party for my friend Steph in Lawrence and was followed by weekends with family, the KC Design Week homes tour, a couple of workouts at Fusion, Game of Thrones (!) and finally an anniversary party for our ten years of dating! I also really loved taking Adobe’s Creative Type Quiz. I’m a producer, “the quintessential “doer” of all the creative types.” The whole description made total sense and I loved being able to take a personality quiz that really focuses just on creatives.

No Rain, No Flowers!