The More of Less

Hello, friends! It’s been awhile since I recapped a book, but I recently finished The More of Less by Joshua Becker and I couldn’t help but take a few notes. This book talks about minimalism and now living with less can lead you to live a happier, more generous, life. I definitely don’t consider myself a minimalist, but I have been making an effort to be more conscious of my purchases and I found many of his points really inspiring.

Letters Are Lovely | The More of Less

If you have ever been overwhelmed by your possessions, or thought about living a more minimalist life this book should be on your list! I think this quote best sums it up:

Liberation from the need to possess. And liberation from conforming to a society built on consumerism. This is the promise of minimalism: to rejoice at the sight of all the things we do not need. And to have our lives finally freed to pursue the things we want to do. I want you to have the same joy, to experience the same liberation.
— Joshua Becker