States Visited: 34
States Remaining: 16

Letters Are Lovely | Travel Map: United States


Countries Visited:
Germany, France, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium, Lichtenstein,
Ireland, Great Britain, Italy, Iceland, Spain, Greece, Portugal

Letters Are Lovely | Travel Map: Europe

Mexico | Central America | Caribbean | south america

Countries Visited:
Mexico, Panama, Jamaica, Bahamas, Cayman Islands, Dominican Republic, Chile

Letters Are Lovely | Travel Map:  Mexico and Central America
Letters Are Lovely | Travel Map: Central America and Caribbean
Letters Are Lovely | Travel Map:  South America

Travel Timeline:


Arkansas for Michael and Joanna’s Wedding
Park City, Utah for Joanna’s Bachelorette Weekend
Chicago to Visit The Smiths
California for Vacation with Dale: San Francisco, Muir Woods,
Carmel and Carmel Valley, Big Sur, Santa Barbara and LA
Nashville, Tennessee for Family Spring Break: Part One, Part Two
Nashville, Tennessee for Liesel’s Bachelorette Party


Cincinnati, Ohio for Hallmark Event
Los Angeles, California for Hallmark Event
Europe Trip:
Lisbon Part One ,Lisbon Part Two, Lisbon Part Three, Barcelona Part One,
Barcelona Part Two, Southern France Part One, Southern France Part Two,
Nice, Milan, Lake Como Part One, Lake Como Part Two,
Lake Como Part Three, Venice Part One, Venice Part Two
New York, New York for Cooper Union Workshop Part One, Part Two
Gulf Shores, Alabama with St. Louis Friends
San Antonio, Texas for Macy's Bachelorette
Dallas, Texas for Ashley's Bachelorette


Nashville, Tennesse for New Year's Eve
Austin, Texas for Residency Interview Part One and Part Two
Los Angeles, California with Laura, Part One and Part Two
Ohio for Jenn and Luke's Wedding
Visiting Liesel in Richmond, Virginia
Chicago Work Trip to Walgreens Headquarters
Girls Winery Trip to Herman, Missouri
Spring Break in New Orleans, Louisiana
French Quarter, Garden District, Oak Alley Plantation
Chile, South America:
Santiago, Patagonia, Full Paine and Glacier Grey Excursion,
Valle Del Francés Excursion, Nordenskjold Lake and Lenga Forest Excursion,
Rengo, Santa Cruz, Valapariso


Granny's 90th Birthday in Decatur, Illinois
Evon and Ally's Wedding in Rolla, Missouri
Summer Trip with Sophie to Italy:
Florence, Pisa, Lucca, Cinque Terre Boat Trip, La Spezia and Manarola,
Riomaggiore, Vernazza, Monterosso al Mare, Capri, Pompeii,
Amalfi Coast Boat Trip, Amalfi, Positano and Ravello, Rome
Haley and Colton's Wedding in the Dominican Republic
First Wedding Anniversary Trip to Nashville, Tennessee
Spring Break in Portland, Oregon


Hallmark Research Trip in Chicago, Illinois
Day One, Day Two, Days Three & Four
Rachel and Chris's Wedding in Russell, Kansas
Honeymoon in Athens and
Santorini: Part One | Santorini: Part Two, Greece
Winery Trip to Herman, Missouri


Wedding Shower in Hutchinson, Kansas
Visited Claire in San Francisco, California
Moved to St. Louis, Missouri
Visited Friends in Wichita, Kansas
Spa Trip to The Elms in Missouri
Spring Break Spain Trip:
Hola, Spain!, Toledo, Cordoba, Granada, Seville,
On To MadridEl Escorial & Segovia, Madrid
Family Ski Trip Winter Park, Colorado


College Trip to Las Vegas, Nevada
Met Baby Bruce in Chicago, Illinois
Family Canoe Trip in Eminence, Missouri
Spring Break Disney Cruise (Cayman Islands, Mexico, Bahamas)
Visited Sydney in Columbia, Missouri
College Ski Trip Winter Park, Colorado



Visited Smiths in Chicago, Illinois
Family Trip to Washington DC and Virginia
Study Abroad (Italy, Paris, London)
College Trip to Gulf Shores, Alabama
Spring Break in Los Angeles, California
Spring Break in Santa Barbara, California


Family Wedding in Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Smith Family Trip to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin
Spring Break Trip in Jamaica


Visited Caitlin in Oxford, Ohio
Saw Vampire Weekend Concert in Chicago, Illinois
Family Trip to Ireland
Spring Break Trip to Panama


Family Wedding in San Francisco, California
Family Road Trip Through Europe:
Germany, France, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium and Lichtenstein
High School Orchestra Trip to Chicago, Illinois
Spring Break Trip to Disney World in Orlando, Florida


Family Road Trip to Oklahoma and Texas


High School Orchestra Trip to Boston, Massachusetts


Family Trip to Estes Park, Colorado
Spring Break Trip to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico


Disney Cruise to the Bahamas
Spring Break Ski Trip with the Raibbles in Winter Park, Colorado


Grandparents Trip to Colorado
Family Trip to Arizona and The Grand Canyon


Family Trip to New York, New York
Family Trip to Estes Park, Colorado


Family Trip to Sanibel Island, Florida
Spring Break Road Trip to Tennessee


Family Road Trip to Yellowstone and Wyoming
Fall Family Trip to Disney World in Orland, Florida
Spring Break Ski Trip with the Beets in Winter Park, Colorado


Family Trip to Chicago, Illinois
Family Summer Vacation to Minnesota


Family Summer Vacation to Minnesota


Family Ski Trip with Grandparents/Aunt Ann to Winter Park, Colorado


Grandparents Trip with Liesel to Hannibal, Missouri
Family Ski Trip to Winter Park, Colorado


Road Trip with Grammy and Pop to St. Louis, Missouri


Family Trip to New Mexico


Family Trip to Celebrate My Great-Grandpa's 90th Birthday in North Carolina


Family Trip to Maine


First Trip (EVER) to Colorado