Honeymoon Part One: Athens

I have finally sorted through all of our honeymoon photos and I'm excited to share my favorites from Athens! Dale and I spent the first two days of our trip exploring the city, and I loved the contrast between the history and modern life. After getting off the plane we first checked in at the Royal Olympic Athens. Our room had a beautiful view of the Temple of Olympian Zeus. The rest of the afternoon was spent exploring the Plaka. I loved how the Greek evil eye even appeared in the graffiti. 

We woke up early on day two and made it up to the Acropolis by 8 A.M. The view from the top was hard to capture in pictures, it was amazing to see the light reflect off of the buildings. You could also tell just how huge the city is. Seeing the Parthenon in person was incredible, and I definetley recommend The Acropolis Museum. That afternoon we also saw the the Theater of Dionysus, The Ancient Agora, and visited the National Archeological Museum. Spending two days in Athens was the perfect start to our trip. I will share pictures from Santorini soon!