This morning we boarded the bus and headed to Cordoba. Along the way we made a stop to see some beautiful windmills. It was a beautiful place to take pictures and get to see amazing views of the countryside. The choir took a group picture in front of an old castle as well! When we finally arrived in Cordoba, which was the northernmost city of the Moorish empire, and were given time to wander around. We wandered through the Juderia, Cordoba's ancient Jewish quarter, and also visited the Mezquita. This was definitely a highlight of the day. The Mezquita is a medieval Islamaic mosque that was converted into a Cathoic cathedral. It is regarded as one of the most accomplished monuments of Moorish architecture and from the moment you walk inside it is easy to see why. We then checked into our hotel in Cordoba and will take a day trip to Granada tomorrow.