Hallmark CLS Speaker: Gemma O'Brien

Today I received my invitation to Hallmark's Creative Leadership Symposium and I was especially excited to see that Gemma O'Brien (@mrseaves101 on Instagram) will be speaking! I have followed Gemma for a long time and her work is stunning. The whole lineup has not been announced yet, but based off of the few names we did learn I know it will be an amazing day. 

The theme for this year's event is "Explore What Else?" and I think each of the speakers will address this in their talk — I can't wait to report back after the actual event! For now, enjoy some of Gemma's beautiful work:

STL Adventures

Happy Monday! Today I'm sharing a few photos from the last few weekends Dale and I spent in St. Louis. As the warm weather continues we have spent lots of time in Forest Park, we spent an afternoon at the St. Louis Art Museum, and we have popped by one of my favorite stores, Flowers & Weeds, a few times. I was especially excited to find a plant for my new llama planter. Enjoy! 

Letters Are Lovely | STL Adventures
Letters Are Lovely | STL Adventures
Letters Are Lovely | STL Adventures
Letters Are Lovely | STL Adventures
Letters Are Lovely | STL Adventures
Letters Are Lovely | STL Adventures
Letters Are Lovely | STL Adventures
Letters Are Lovely | STL Adventures
Letters Are Lovely | STL Adventures
Letters Are Lovely | STL Adventures

Modern Calligraphy Summit 2.0 Teachers

There are just a few days left of the Modern Calligraphy Summit 2.0 and I have loved watching all the videos that have gone live so far. I'm grateful I can go back and watch these at anytime — thought I have kept up with viewing the lessons I haven't yet had time to complete all the exercises myself. Below you will find links to each of the teachers' websites and Instagram accounts (click on their name for Instagram / photo for their website). I have been very inspired by the variety of styles and vast knowledge these ladies have shared, enjoy browsing through their work! 

Photography and Styling with
 Alissa Mazzenga and Aimee Mendez

Layouts and Lettering Styles with Molly Knabel

Poppy and Mint Design

Poppy and Mint Design

Invitation Design with
Karla Lim

Classic Copperplate with
Younghae Chung

Everything But Paper with
Lauren Saylor

Breaking the Rules with
Katherine Ross

Brush Calligraphy with
Sharisse DeLeon

Watercolor Illustration with
Jenna Rainey

25th Birthday Gratitude

Last Saturday I celebrated my 25th Birthday and I thought it might be fun to write down 25 things I am grateful for at this moment in time. Who knows, maybe this will become a yearly tradition! 

Letters Are Lovely | 25th Birthday Gratitude
  1. My husband, Dale. 
  2. Recent and future travels and the memories I have made with family. 
  3. Strong friendships. (Especially my college girlfriends!)
  4. Having family close by. 
  5. A creative job where I can explore & create. 
  6. My flexible work schedule. 
  7. Working out at Fusion Fitness. 
  8. Mentors and good friends at work. 
  9. My health. 
  10. Dale and I's first apartment, and the home it has become. 
  11. Otto (our cat), and my childhood kitties Annabelle and Bonnie. 
  12. Making time for reading. 
  13. Listening to podcasts on my commute. 
  14. Learning to love to cook. 
  15. Learning outside of work. (Like signing up for the Calligraphy Summit!)
  16. Memories made watching KU Basketball games with Dale and friends. 
  17. Photography.
  18. Generous parents. 
  19. My choice to use more natural beauty and home products. 
  20. The inspiration I gain from reading blogs. 
  21. My blog, and how it allows me to document my life. 
  22. Our friends in St. Louis.
  23. Meditation. 
  24. My sisters. 
  25. And again, Dale because we go on the most adventures together. 

February Around The Web

Hello, friends! February has just flown by. Between a busy season at work, Valentine's Day, my birthday, and time spent in Kansas City this month was full of time spent with family and friends. This month was also full of quite a lot of online inspiration. My absolute favorite was We Are Scout's interview with Liz Payne about her Liz Payne x Gorman collaboration. The patterns and details in her collection are stunning. Maybe they ship to the US?? Here are a few other links that caught my attention: 

Until next month, enjoy!