Wedding Card for Hallmark

Friends, this is one of my very favorite cards I’ve ever worked on because it features not just my lettering but my illustration as well! I always love adding in elements that remind me of my own wedding day (white converse for dancing!) when working on wedding cards. I hope you could picture yourself giving this card to your friends and family.

© Hallmark Licensing, LLC

© Hallmark Licensing, LLC

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Saved: Instagram Roundup

Some of my favorite lettering I’ve recently saved on Instagram. Go check out these talented artists!

In order of appearance:
Rachel Joy Price (@racheljoylettering)
Nat Carroll (@hallonatcarroll)
Caren Kreger (@everyday.hooray)
Cynthia Lopez (@cynopink)
Jed Chisholm (@jedchisholm)
Ann Chen (@annlettering)

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