A Paper Forest

Tinybop recently relased their second app called PLANTS! Kelli Anderson and Daniel Dunnam created a wonderful cut-paper stop motion video to explore how a child would view this app and explore the forest itself. i first came across the lovely video by Jacob Krupnick which documented the making of Kelli and Daniel's video. As a designer, I was fascinated to see the behind-the-scenes process that took place and the amount of detail that went into each and every frame. I also included a link to the video which shows the app itself. The artwork featured within the app was done by Marie Caudry. I loved seeing how her artwork influenced the cut-paper video. 

In other news, my life has been somewhat of a whirlwind for the past month. Between senior show, my graduation, and this week marking the beginning of my internship with Hallmark I have not had much downtime to devote to blogging. I am extremely excited to dive back into sharing things that inspire me and projects I am working on. I also hope to share some of my experience in the Lettering Studio. After only two days I can already tell this summer will be a wonderful creative experience.