Thoughts For A New Year

I hesitate to write down a true list of resolutions for 2015, but I have been pondering what I hope to accomplish in 2015. Here are a few thoughts and goals:


1. Letters Are Lovely

This year I hope to devote more time to blogging! In 2014 I often didn't have the time to devote to this space what I would have liked. I truly believe "Letters Are Lovely" not only sums up my love for lettering, but also encompasses the essence of a blog in general. Letters themselves make up words in songs, books, and what I write. This new name will hopefully give more focus to my blogging as I continue to share snapshots of what I am working on and things that inspire me.

2. Fitness

Those who know me well know that I am not necessarily athletic, and throughout college I rarely spent time working out. Before college, especially in high school, I spent countless hours in dance classes. I have found that this is the sort of structure I need to be active, so I recently have started going to Fusion Fitness in Kansas City. While at this point I am confident I might possibly be one of the least-athletic people there, this is exactly the motivation I need to be more active. 

3. Relaxing

I have recently noticed that when I should be relaxing I am still focusing on my to-do list. In 2015 I want to place a greater importance on spending my free time enjoying the company of those around me and not thinking about everything I could be working on.

Hopefully writing these things down will help these thoughts to be important not only in January, but the whole year through!