Big Magic

For those who wish to live a more creative life, I cannot recommend Elizabeth Gilbert's new book Big Magic enough. She states:

 "To even call somebody a 'creative person' is almost laughably redundant; creativity is a hallmark of our species... your very body and your very being are perfectly designed to live in collaboration with inspiration, and inspiration is still trying to find youβ€”the same way it hunted down your ancestors." 

As someone whose job and identity is so strongly tied to creativity, I found it her insights into inspiration refreshing. While some days creativity comes easily, others it is quite elusive. I hope that I will be able to embrace creativity in new ways & keep Elizabeth's knowledge in mind as I persist in making. Because I really wouldn't know any other way. (Also check out this amazing video of how they created the book cover! Who knew.)

Letters Are Lovely | Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert