Thoughts for 2018

2018 is officially here! This will be an eventful year: Dale graduates from medical school in May and we already have a packed calendar leading up to our Europe trip to celebrate! In some ways it feels strange because there are so many unknowns and a major drop-off in planned events after May. The last few years I've tried to keep my "resolutions" simple, and not metric based. Interestingly enough my thoughts for 2015 and 2017 were pretty similar, and in 2016 I created a 101 in 1001 list (which I'm still crossing things off of!) But this year I'm feeling the need to spend a little more time really thinking about how I want to approach this hectic year. So without further ado here is a slightly longer list of thoughts for this New Year!

Letters Are Lovely | Thoughts for 2018

Live in the Present

  • Last year I wanted to focus on being present in the company of others. This year I think I need to refocus my energy and take this a step further. While I may not always be distracted when spending time with family and friends, I do allow my mind to wonder about the future a lot. In 2018 I hope that I can not only take a few steps back from endless scrolling on Instagram, but let my thoughts focus on the now.

Be Resourceful/Conscious

  • I have always thought of myself as a resourceful person, but this year I want to be even more intentional and conscious of my daily decisions. This year I want to take pause before purchasing, eating, and in general be conscious about how I am spending my time. I have big dreams for a year of creative growth, and I know that I can adjust how I spend my time to make them a reality. I also would like to continue simplifying my life, maybe this is the year I really commit to buying less and fully enjoying what I already have. In 2018 I also plan to take note of those relationships (and experiences) which leave me feeling joyful and which are draining. Letting go just might make all the change of this year be more peaceful.

Daily Gratitude

  • This year I started a new planner, and while in the past I have had planners specifically designed for gratitude journaling I've been loving just recapping my favorite moments of each day in this regular planner. Instead of to-do lists I just write a few highlights, things I'm grateful for, or even just a little moment that I remember from the day. I've always loved documenting my life, and this seems to be the perfect combo of a diary and a gratitude journal. Who knows if will even look back on my entries, but either way I have a whole book of positive thoughts and things I am grateful for in case I need it.

Embrace Growth and Creativity

  • Being back in the Lettering Studio at work has been really inspiring and exciting! Being surrounded by the most creative and talented artists every day is pushing me towards growth, even when it is uncomfortable. In 2018 I want to embrace being out of my comfort zone and accept growth without having to have a specific outcome in mind. I do know that this year I want to focus on calligraphy, sketching, and create some lettering using the iPad Pro!

Daily Reading

  • I have always loved reading, and while I have read a lot more in post-college life this year I hope to make it as much a part of my daily routine as possible. Maybe I will document what I'm reading here on the blog! 

Be Active 

  • While I have some good habits going, I want 2018 to be full of activity! This year I hope to keep going to Fusion, keep an active mind with meditation, and get to yoga more often. Also I would love to just try and get moving more on a daily basis with walks and more breaks at work.

Hopefully sharing these thoughts will help keep me motivated and accountable in this new year, happy 2018!