101 in 1001 (Round Two)

Happy Wednesday! Once again I’ve decided to make a 101 in 1001 list inspired by Mackenzie Horan! (You can take a peek at my last list here.) While I only checked off 64 items I still really enjoyed having it to reference. Now that I’m settled in KC this felt like the perfect time to create another list that felt more relevant to what I’m interested in and want to focus my time on now. I will update this post with my progress over the next 1001 days!

Letters Are Lovely | 101 in 1001 (Round Two)

January 1st, 2019 – September 28, 2021

creative CAREER/lettering

1 Update Portfolio (January 2019)
2 Attend a new conference
3 Work on calligraphy for envelope addressing
4 Participate in Hallmarket
5 Create an illustration focused piece (January 2019)
6 Collaborate on a second font at work
7 Take a work trip
8 Letter a return address stamp
9 Set up home studio
10 Continue mentoring


11 Write anniversary notes in our guest book each year
12 Go camping
13 Make a weekend trip to a winery
14 Celebrate our 10 years of dating anniversary
15 Volunteer somewhere together
16 Send out Christmas cards each year
17 Surprise Dale with a date night
18 Try three new restaurants
19 Go hiking together
20 Walk to Brookside shops for date night


21 Try a new Fusion class (Drenched: January 17, 2019)
22 Try a yoga class in KC
23 Hit water goal every day for two weeks straight
24 Try five new recipes (Greek Bowls, Easy Chicken Tortilla Soup, Turkey Meatball and Kale Soup, Salmon Avocado Toast, Pita Tostadas with Butternut Squash, January–March 2019)
25 Try Be Well smoothies every day for a week
26 Update our recipe book (February 2019)
27 Treat myself to a massage
28 Treat myself to a facial
29 Buy new glasses
30 Switch to silk pillowcases


31 Take a family vacation
32 Visit two new states
33 Go to the beach
34 Dale & Allie trip on one of his vacation weeks (Booked Cali Trip, April 2019)
35 College friends reunion trip
36 Travel to Thailand
37 Visit friends in Charleston
38 Visit friends in NYC
39 Travel to Iceland
40 Travel to Europe


41 Go to the Kansas City Symphony
42 Go to a concert
43 Go to a KU game at Allen Fieldhouse
44 Take a trip to the Nelson (Napoleon Exhibit with Sophie & Dale, March 2019)
45 Take a flower arranging class
46 Go blueberry picking
47 Take a cooking class
48 Bake a fancy cake or dessert (Baked Derby Pie, January 2019)
49 Take Sophie and Grace to dinner
50 Watch Victoria (January 2019)

Get Organized

51 Go through clothes (January 2019)
52 Get TSA Pre-Check and Possibly Global Entry
53 Unsubscribe from emails (January 2019)
54 Instagram clean up (January 2019)
55 Go through phone and organize/delete contacts
56 Take broken china to be repaired
57 Organize Basement Shelves (January 2019)
58 Organize 2018 photos (February 2019)
59 2018 photo album
60 Fix security system/get doorbell


61 Host a dinner party
62 Record Grammy and Pop telling childhood stories
63 Help mom organize family photos
64 Spend a weekend at Turkey Hill
65 Send hand-written letters to five friends
66 Finish college t-shirt quilt with Sophie
67 Join a book club
68 Host a movie night at our house
69 Host a murder mystery party
70 Mail birthday cards to 10 friends


71 Read an autobiography
72 Read a fiction novel (The Wedding Date: January 2019)
73 Read a non-fiction book (The More of Less: March 2019)
74 Read a historical book
75 Read a book (Fruit of the Drunken Tree: January 2019)
75 Read a book (The Woman in the Window: February 2019)
75 Read a book
75 Read a book
75 Read a book
80 Re-read all the Harry Potter books


81 Cook our own food for two weeks
82 No extra purchases for a month (clothes/jewelry/books…)
83 Put money into a savings account each month for a year
84 Increase retirement savings percentage
85 Follow up with student loan debt advisor
86 Reach savings goal
87 Start investing monthly after reaching savings goal
88 Write things to buy in list for the next month for four months
89 Make a donation to charity
90 Plan long term financial goals

KC House

91 Buy a TV for the living room
92 Get a rug for our bedroom
93 New house numbers
94 Plant grass seed in the front yard
95 Paint stairway
96 Update bathroom (one room challenge?)
97 Get larger dining room table and more chairs
98 Hang up porch swing
99 Hang wallpaper in the sunroom
100 Replace kitchen, hallway, and sunroom lights


101 Try something outside my comfort zone (Led Ability KC Mural Painting with Meredith, January 2019)