25th Birthday Gratitude

Last Saturday I celebrated my 25th Birthday and I thought it might be fun to write down 25 things I am grateful for at this moment in time. Who knows, maybe this will become a yearly tradition! 

Letters Are Lovely | 25th Birthday Gratitude
  1. My husband, Dale. 
  2. Recent and future travels and the memories I have made with family. 
  3. Strong friendships. (Especially my college girlfriends!)
  4. Having family close by. 
  5. A creative job where I can explore & create. 
  6. My flexible work schedule. 
  7. Working out at Fusion Fitness. 
  8. Mentors and good friends at work. 
  9. My health. 
  10. Dale and I's first apartment, and the home it has become. 
  11. Otto (our cat), and my childhood kitties Annabelle and Bonnie. 
  12. Making time for reading. 
  13. Listening to podcasts on my commute. 
  14. Learning to love to cook. 
  15. Learning outside of work. (Like signing up for the Calligraphy Summit!)
  16. Memories made watching KU Basketball games with Dale and friends. 
  17. Photography.
  18. Generous parents. 
  19. My choice to use more natural beauty and home products. 
  20. The inspiration I gain from reading blogs. 
  21. My blog, and how it allows me to document my life. 
  22. Our friends in St. Louis.
  23. Meditation. 
  24. My sisters. 
  25. And again, Dale because we go on the most adventures together. 


I love bringing my polaroid camera along to celebrations, and 2016 has already been full of such occasions. Here are a few snapshots from New Year's and my birthday. I hope you all have had a relaxing weekend! (Also if you find yourself in St. Louis and in the mood for a fancy drink head on over to Olio!)

Letters Are Lovely | Polaroids