Envelopes for Think.Make.Share.

I loved having the chance to decorate a few envelopes for Think.Make.Share. this holiday season! Head on over to the blog to find some great tips for making your Christmas card list this year and join to in on their Christmas Card Challenge. I’m working on my cards for this year, fingers crossed I can get them in the mail in time!

Letters Are Lovely | Envelopes for Think.Make.Share.

Lettering Inspiration

Happy Monday, friends. Today I am sharing some of my favorite lettering artists to follow on Instagram. Being back in the lettering studio at work has really helped me end the year inspired to head into 2018 ready to create, and I love saving lettering inspiration while scrolling through Instagram. Enjoy!

Letters Are Lovely | Lettering Inspiration from Instagram

Block Printing for #My5Days

Last Thursday I spent the last of #My5Days at a block printing workshop led by Marisol Ortega. She spent the morning teaching us how she uses block printing in her illustration and lettering work, and then we were let loose to create patterns and other lettering or illustration focused pieces. I loved the freedom of creating one small square and seeing the different ways it could be printed to create patterns. In the afternoon I played around with an illustrated letter "A." I would love to incorporate this technique into future lettering pieces! Thanks, Hallmark, for five days this year to explore and spend time making!

Letters Are Lovely | Block Printing for #My5Days
Letters Are Lovely | Block Printing for #My5Days