Europe 2018 Go Pro Video

It’s almost officially Fall, and that means I’m officially really behind on finishing up our GoPro video from our Europe trip last summer. But this week I finally had the time and it’s done! I love how casual these videos always seem in comparison to the photos, I hope you enjoy seeing it from our perspective!

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Italy GoPro Video!

It's done! I have been working on creating a GoPro video from Sophie and I's Italy trip for a few weeks, and it is finally finished! I love how it really captures what we saw from our perspective, and is a little less polished and formal than all the photos. Enjoy! 

Dominican Republic Trip

Last week I was lucky enough to jet off to the Dominican Republic to see two friends from college get married! We stayed at the Hard Rock Punta Cana and couldn't have asked for more beautiful weather.

Letters Are Lovely | Dominican Republic
Letters Are Lovely | Dominican Republic

This trip was a rare exception where I didn't take too many pictures, but instead relaxed and enjoyed the beach, pool and a snorkel trip. But I did get a chance to test out my GoPro and made a super informal video with my friends. I am still getting the hang of filming without feeling awkward, but I am planning on making a few videos when I head to Italy in a few weeks. I'm really happy I tested it out beforehand, I know the video will be fun way to remember the trip.  I hope you all are off somewhere sunny this summer!

Letters Are Lovely | Dominican Republic
Letters Are Lovely | Dominican Republic
Letters Are Lovely | Dominican Republic
Letters Are Lovely | Dominican Republic

February Around The Web

February is one of my favorite months of the year because I get to celebrate Valentine's Day and my birthday in the same week! This month also was full of wonderful inspiration around the web, and I loved    A Beautiful Mess's Palm Springs Kitty Scratch House DIY. I need to make one for my kitty, Otto.

This month at Hallmark my team was busy working on Valentine's Day cards for NEXT year. I loved seeing all the heart day inspiration floating around the internet this month, as well as all the beautiful cards in stores. I also had the opportunity to visit KU and help Hallmark recruit interns for next summer! My internship sometimes seems like it was a long time ago, and other times I feel like I was just an intern –     but I loved being back on campus and in the design building.

Personally, my wonderful family and friends made this one of my best birthdays ever. I enjoyed dinner at Lydia's in KC with my whole extended family, and a fun weekend in STL with friends. I also loved getting together with friends to watch the Oscars. Now here are a few of my favorite links:

Thanks for stopping by, have a wonderful week!