Ability KC Mural

Last week was super special as my friend Meredith and I saw the mural we have been working on since November come to life at Ability KC, a local organization that serves children with disabilities. Our fellow Hallmarkers volunteered to help us transfer and paint the 28 foot mural over four days (many of which participated through #My5Days!). Take a peek at the final mural design and time-lapse video below, I hope that the patients and staff at Ability KC enjoy this mural for many years to come!

Letters Are Lovely | Ability KC Mural
Letters Are Lovely | Ability KC Mural

Hallmarket Artists

Friends, if you live in KC you need to stop by Hallmarket on September 15th! Here are just a few of my talented friends who will be selling their artwork at Crown Center:

Lisa Hadley @friendsofhadley
Chloe Daven @positivepennants
Meredith Cox @meredith.e.cox
Alyissa Johnson @alyissaj
Kelly Castor @kellcastor
Lynn Giunta @lynn_giunta
Barb Mizik @barb_mizik
Megan Reed @meganleighletters

Letters Are Lovely | Hallmarket 2018 Artists


Last month I was challenged by my talented Hallmark co-worker Meredith Cox to participate in Stefan Kunz's #createdtoday prompt on Instagram and ended up creating a lettering piece that said "Practice." Since then I have really been thinking about what I want to practice this year, and the things I have already accomplished! 

Letters Are Lovely | Practice

Pointed Pen

  • In January I finished going through the alphabet and spending a day working on each letter. This was a great way for me to get back into the practice of using the pointed pen, but now I want to move on to words and quotes! I am hoping that by next year at this time I will be much more comfortable with this tool, I can already see the difference the daily practice last month had on my lettering. 

iPad Pro Lettering

  • I am hoping to have an iPad Pro very soon! I have loved watching other lettering artists create amazing time-lapse pieces, and I know lettering on the iPad would really expand my range and ability to create quickly. If anyone has any tips or great tutorials please send them my way!


  • When I'm traveling I am great at taking pictures and getting them edited. I really enjoy using my DLSR, and I would love to spend more time in my daily life taking pictures. I think my photography skills would continue to grown with more consistent practice. 

Here's to lots of practice in 2018!