Hallmarket Artists

Friends, if you live in KC you need to stop by Hallmarket on September 15th! Here are just a few of my talented friends who will be selling their artwork at Crown Center:

Lisa Hadley @friendsofhadley
Chloe Daven @positivepennants
Meredith Cox @meredith.e.cox
Alyissa Johnson @alyissaj
Kelly Castor @kellcastor
Lynn Giunta @lynn_giunta
Barb Mizik @barb_mizik
Megan Reed @meganleighletters

Letters Are Lovely | Hallmarket 2018 Artists

Hallmark Elementary School Mural

I had the opportunity to help paint this amazing mural at a local elementary school close to Hallmark! Lynn Giunta, Barb Mizik, and Livy long had the idea to paint a mural somewhere in the community and Livy designed the mural based off the ideas of the fifth graders at the school. Lots of us were then able to help bring the mural to life! Take a look at the time lapse Hallmark's Union Hill Studio captured over the few days of painting and learn more about the project over on Think.Make.Share. 

Letters Are Lovely | Longfellow Elementary School Mural

Insta Inspiration

I love being inspirited by artists I follow on Instagram. Here are six lettering artists who inspire me daily!

In order of appearance:
Becca Clayson (@beccaclason)
Patrick Cabral (@darkgravity)
Scott Biersack (@youbringfire)
Lynn Giunta (@lynn_giunta)
Alan Guzman (@zhompi)
Alexandra Nelson (@alimakesthings).

Letters Are Lovely | Lettering Inspiration from Instagram