Last month I was challenged by my talented Hallmark co-worker Meredith Cox to participate in Stefan Kunz's #createdtoday prompt on Instagram and ended up creating a lettering piece that said "Practice." Since then I have really been thinking about what I want to practice this year, and the things I have already accomplished! 

Letters Are Lovely | Practice

Pointed Pen

  • In January I finished going through the alphabet and spending a day working on each letter. This was a great way for me to get back into the practice of using the pointed pen, but now I want to move on to words and quotes! I am hoping that by next year at this time I will be much more comfortable with this tool, I can already see the difference the daily practice last month had on my lettering. 

iPad Pro Lettering

  • I am hoping to have an iPad Pro very soon! I have loved watching other lettering artists create amazing time-lapse pieces, and I know lettering on the iPad would really expand my range and ability to create quickly. If anyone has any tips or great tutorials please send them my way!


  • When I'm traveling I am great at taking pictures and getting them edited. I really enjoy using my DLSR, and I would love to spend more time in my daily life taking pictures. I think my photography skills would continue to grown with more consistent practice. 

Here's to lots of practice in 2018!

2017 Best Nine

Today I'm looking back on 2017, and thought my #2017BestNine from Instagram would be the perfect place to start. I'm always curious if the posts chosen will really reflect my year, but in this case they did! This year I was lucky to spend quite a bit of time traveling, Dale and I celebrated two years of marriage, and this year was full of wonderful new opportunities at work. I love that these three huge areas of my life are reflected: travel, work, and family. These photos show our anniversary celebration, a work trip to Chicago, my family's trip to Chile, time with family at our lake house (Turkey Hill), my trip to LA with Laura, a portrait taken at Hallmark, and a sister picture from New Orleans. 

Letters Are Lovely | 2017 Best Nine

But of course there are lots of things not captured as well. This year I have spent countless hours with friends both in Kansas City and St. Louis, I've committed at least one hour each week working out at Fusion Fitness, Dale and I spent a lot of time cooking in our tiny kitchen, I've driven what feels like a million miles back and forth between STL and KC, and dealt with all the general ups and downs and the uncertainty of what the next year will bring. I'm grateful for all I have experienced and learned this past year — 2018 will be a big year for us. I hope you have some time to reflect on your past year too, happy new year!

May Around The Web

May is one of my favorite months of the year, and my allergies haven't even been quite as terrible as normal! This month I traveled to Chicago for a work event, tried a Soul Cycle class, attended Hallmark's Creative Leadership Symposium (and a Gemma O'Brien Meet & Greet!), spent Mother's Day in KC (complete with a delicious lunch and the Symphony Designers' Showhouse), watched my youngest sister, Grace, graduate from sixth grade, participated in a piñata making workshop for one of #My5Days, marbled paper with my team at work, and continued working on Mother's Day 2018 cards!

Looking back, this month was filled with some pretty special opportunities and lots of making. One of my favorite parts of these posts is thinking back on what I accomplished during the last month, and of course seeing what inspired me. I have been constantly impressed by Nick Misani's Fauxsaics. They are stunning! If you haven't already seen them be sure to take a look. I noticed on Instagram he might be teaching a class to share his process, which would definitely be something I would need to sign up for. Here are some of my other favorite finds this May:

Until next month, happy reading!

November Around The Web

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend! Here in Kansas City the weather has been somewhat dreadful with lots of freezing rain, but it was still wonderful to be surrounded by friends and family. Here are some of my favorite finds this month:

Letters Are Lovely | Kelly Thorn Skillshare Class

November offers a much needed time of gratitude before the chaotic month of December. I am especially thankful that I have the ability to create things every day, and for this small piece of the internet where I can share some of my work and inspiration. Thanks for following along!