August Around The Web

I can't believe it is already nearing the end of August! Here is a round-up of some of my favorite inspiration I gathered around the web this month: 

August Around The Web | Susan Beech's Beautiful Paper Flowers

This past month also marked the start of my Letters Are Lovely weekly lettering posts. Three weeks in I am feeling energized, and I can't wait to see the variety and evolution that occurs in my lettering over the next year. I haven't undertaken a personal project of this nature before, and I'm excited to see where it will lead. Follow along on the blog, and see the entire collection here!

Llamas Are Lovely

Not only are llamas perhaps my most favorite animal, but this Christmas I received several llama-related gifts. I truly hope that everyone is jumping on the llama bandwagon with me. Here are a few of my favorite llama prints, products, and even a snapshot of one of my past projects: