July Around The Web

Happy Monday, friends! I'm not quite ready for these long summer days to head into Fall – I have loved all my July adventures. This month began celebrating my friend's wedding in Lawrence, and was followed by a weekend at home in St. Louis and then two lake weekends in a row. The first was spent at Dale's parents home at Lake Winnebago, and last weekend I enjoyed the unseasonable cool weather crafting and boating at Turkey Hill. At work I have been busy executing Mother's Day cards for next year, including lots of designs featuring my hand lettering! This month did not disappoint around the web. I'm dreaming of trying this Rosé and Blood Orange Sgroppino recipe this weekend...

Letters Are Lovely | July Around The Web

Here are my other favorite finds this month:

Until next month, enjoy!

May Around The Web

May is one of my favorite months of the year, and my allergies haven't even been quite as terrible as normal! This month I traveled to Chicago for a work event, tried a Soul Cycle class, attended Hallmark's Creative Leadership Symposium (and a Gemma O'Brien Meet & Greet!), spent Mother's Day in KC (complete with a delicious lunch and the Symphony Designers' Showhouse), watched my youngest sister, Grace, graduate from sixth grade, participated in a piñata making workshop for one of #My5Days, marbled paper with my team at work, and continued working on Mother's Day 2018 cards!

Looking back, this month was filled with some pretty special opportunities and lots of making. One of my favorite parts of these posts is thinking back on what I accomplished during the last month, and of course seeing what inspired me. I have been constantly impressed by Nick Misani's Fauxsaics. They are stunning! If you haven't already seen them be sure to take a look. I noticed on Instagram he might be teaching a class to share his process, which would definitely be something I would need to sign up for. Here are some of my other favorite finds this May:

Until next month, happy reading!

January Around The Web

Happy Monday, friends! This month has been tough. After returning from Chile I spent several weeks dealing with health issues and a chaotic time of year at work — alongside the general chaotic nature of current political events. That said, I'm very grateful to be feeling much better now. This month has given me a renewed sense of energy to take care of myself. A January highlight has been seeing many of the Valentine's Day cards I created for Hallmark in stores. Work chaos sometimes leads to wonderful opportunities and I think that this is definitely one of those times. I'm really excited to see how the work I am creating now develops. It's always motivating to see cards come to life on shelf. Now for a few favorites around the web: 

Here's to a healthier February hopefully filled with some winter sunshine! 

August Around The Web

Hello, friends!  As another month ends I've once again gathered up some of my favorite finds around the web. One of my absolute favorite DIYs was this lovely Cursive Word Balloon backdrop by Oh Happy Day. They are one of my favorite sites to browse, and I'm hoping I will have a chance to host a party soon where I can try out one of their backdrop ideas! 

I hope you have a wonderful Labor Day weekend! 

August Around The Web

I can't believe it is already nearing the end of August! Here is a round-up of some of my favorite inspiration I gathered around the web this month: 

August Around The Web | Susan Beech's Beautiful Paper Flowers

This past month also marked the start of my Letters Are Lovely weekly lettering posts. Three weeks in I am feeling energized, and I can't wait to see the variety and evolution that occurs in my lettering over the next year. I haven't undertaken a personal project of this nature before, and I'm excited to see where it will lead. Follow along on the blog, and see the entire collection here!