June Around The Web

Happy summer, friends! Between our Europe trip and settling back into real life at home this month has flown by. I'm really excited to get into a routine in our new house once Dale starts working July 1st! And of course there were still some great finds around the web this month, starting with this adorable pineapple cake I am planning on making when my sister Grace (who turned 14 this month!) comes over for a sleepover later this summer. Enjoy!

Enjoy those long summer days!

March Around The Web

I have decided that Spring is my favorite season. Every year around this time I feel so refreshed, despite the chaotic nature of this month which was filled with travel, family events, and a busy season at work. I think just being able to get outside more often really improves my mood, and all the sunny weather in New Orleans during our trip was especially nice. I also LOVE all the flowers that begin to peek out at the start of Spring. Coco Kelley's Romantic Floral Tutorial caught my attention this month — I adore the moodiness and how it perfectly captures the emotion of this season. Here are a few other favorites from the web this March:

Letters Are Lovely | March Around The Web

Happy Spring, and enjoy your weekend!

Favorite Christmas Inspiration

Today I'm sharing some of my favorite holiday inspiration this season. I'm loving the idea of a bright, white Christmas with pops of neon; and of course some vintage ornaments and handmade details, too. Enjoy!

Letters Are Lovely | Favorite Christmas Inspiration

TOP — Left | Right
MIDDLE — Left | Right
BOTTOM — Left | Right

December Around The Web

I love discovering and being inspired by artists online. This month I discovered Kristi Kohut, and simultaneously fell in love with her bold brush strokes. Below is one of my favorites, as well as a few other links I discovered this month:

Favorite Costume Ideas

Halloween is right around the corner and I have started to brainstorm ideas for my costume this year. While I have promised my husband I will be Burt Macklin and Janet Snakehole from Parks and Rec on Halloween night, Friday night may require a costume as well! At the moment I am leaning toward the cactus idea. I can't get enough of Studio DIY's costumes!  (Last year I dressed up as a champagne bottle based off one of Kelly's ideas.) I know I will stumble upon many more amazing costume ideas in the coming weeks, but go ahead and enjoy some of my favorites!

Letters Are Lovely | Favorite Halloween Costume Ideas